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Southampton pool liners & installers for all vinyl swimming pools.


Begin the process by letting us know what you want, from a basic liner change – to other modifications.

Choose A Liner

Choose a liner from GLI or Merlin with your desired look, texture, and features.

Pool Inspection

We inspect your swimming pool and discuss any pitfalls with the current design; and offer solutions for longevity.


A proposal will be drafted with all of your costs associated with changing your liner, and additional work if needed.

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Vinyl Pool Liners: Solutions And Repairs

Pest Solution

If your liner failed from pest infestation, D&R Pool Services’ concrete bottom solution helps prevent termites or other underground pests from eating away your vinyl liner in the future.

Form & Functionality

Change the depth, width, or length of your pool. Change your vinyl pool to a free form to accommodate your outdoor living. Add hydro lounges or benches. The possibilities are endless!

Pool Steps

Consider replacing your fiberglass steps with custom liner over interior steps to retain the natural shape of your vinyl pool for a gunite look. Available in textured material.

Steel Wall Repair

In vinyl pools, small leaks over time along with chemicals can cause steel damage. Some underlying issues may not be found until starting the liner change. We can patch or replace whole panels.

Plumbing Repairs

If your plumbing is showing signs of wear, or needs replacing, we recommend doing this during a liner change while these components are accessible – such as skimmers, or return lines.

Patio or Decking

Your patio or decking may need to come up to perform repairs; based on the condition of the pool. If the pool is in good condition we may simply be able to change the liner without touching anything else.

Pool Liners: Upgrades


Implement a design that flows with your outdoor living function and form. Consult with us to get the best recommendations on your patio material type. D&R has expert masons that can execute any project and renovation using the best of masonry materials.Read More »


Another word for pool landscaping, your poolscape can directly accommodate the pool, and give a euphoric feeling! Add rocks, waterfalls, and slides in combination with foliage of your choice. D&R will complete your backyard project with quality satisfaction you have always dreamed of.

Pool Lighting

We carry modern LED pool lights (white or multicolored), and traditional halogen pool lighting. Upgrade your pool lighting to a newer LED system with multicolors, smartphone control and energy saving benefits. Place multiple lights throughout the pool for an exciting look!

Water Features

Waterfalls, Hollywood style fountains, hydro-massage jets, automatic pool cleaners, and the list goes on! As modern options become more affordable, pool owners are loving their water features.

Pool Liners: Add-On Products

Smart Pool Automation

There’s an app for that! Control your swimming pool or spa from anywhere in the world. Imagine heating your pool prior to your arrival at your home, and setting ambient lighting for you or your guests. Program your swimming pool’s run schedule how you want.Read More »

Salt Chlorination

With modern enhancements to water chemistry, you no longer have to subdue to the harsh effects of chlorine. Many swimming pool owners choose to switch to salt chlorination for it’s exfoliation and cost-saving benefits.Read More »

Automatic Pool Covers

Enjoy greater savings on heating costs, a cleaner pool protected from the elements, less chemical usage, and assure unwanted trespassers will be safe. We offer automatic pool covers with remarkable quality and versatility.Read More »

Pool Safety Fence

Without a pool fence there is a threat to an unsupervised child’s life and pool safety laws require safety equipment for your pool. D&R is a proud dealer of Life Saver Pool Fencing that uses the strongest, transparent mesh material with a tensile strength over 270 psi, it’s nearly indestructible.Read More »

Pool Filters

We install and sell all types of filters, from DE Filters, Sand Filters, and Cartridge Filters. If your filter is outdated, we’ll replace it.Read More »

Pool Pumps

D&R carries all brands of pool pumps ranging from single speed, variable speed, and SVRS (safety vacuum release system) pumps. They can be installed to work with your smart pool automation systems.Read More »

Pool Heaters

Heating your pool is a great luxury – D&R Pool Services takes in consideration all aspects of your future pool’s environment and design to save on pool and spa heating costs. It’s helpful to know investing in an automatic pool cover has the greatest impact on your heating efficiency.Read More »

Water Level Control

Your swimming pool needs water to run. Installing a permanent water level controller provides worry free protection against your swimming pool and spa equipment. From evaporation to splashing, an automatic water level controller will keep your pool or spa’s water level maintained.Read More »

Pool Liner Change Portfolio

View a few of our liner change projects; always done with quality and satisfaction.

Customer Support

Excellent customer service and support. We make it convenient for you. If it is after hours we encourage you to try texting us for emergencies.

Family Owned Business

A passionate family owned business that cares about your pool or spa like it is our own. We build trust and provide consistent quality service, as our business depends on it.

Guaranteed Work

All of our work is backed by a guarantee to your satisfaction, provided it is within agreement. We pride on exquisite attention to each and every one of our clients.

Authorized Dealer

We provide comprehensive and seamless repairs and installations for all products we sell. We are also an authorized warranty center.

Licensed & Insured CPO

Having a Licensed and Insured Certified Pool Operator gives you certainty you can trust. We are also an authorized warranty center for most equipment and manufacturers.

Our staff is properly trained in accordance with APSP and ANSI standards. D&R Pool Services attends yearly educational seminars to stay up to date with the latest technologies and advancements in swimming pools and spas.

Family Owned and Operated

Many of our clients have been with us for over 30 years. We build trust and provide consistent quality service, as our business depends on it.

Our commitment to a great customer experience starts with D&R Pool Services. The men behind it all; Dave and Randy’s continued success comes from building trust, hands-on commitment, and service with an aim to please. Many of our customers continue to recommend us year after year.

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