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Comprehensive Pool Maintenance Solutions

Our pool maintenance services cover all aspects of pool care, from skimming the surface to vacuuming the bottom, balancing chemicals, and inspecting equipment. We understand that every pool is unique, which is why we tailor our maintenance plans to meet your specific needs and schedule. With our comprehensive solutions, you can rest assured that your pool is in good hands.

Experienced Professionals

With years of experience in the industry, our team of experienced professionals has the knowledge and expertise to handle any pool maintenance task with precision and efficiency. We use state-of-the-art equipment and the latest techniques to ensure that your pool receives the highest level of care possible. You can trust us to treat your pool like it’s our own, delivering exceptional results every time.

Personalized Service

At D&R Pool Service, we believe in providing personalized service to each of our customers. Whether you prefer weekly visits or twice-weekly service, we’ll work with you to create a maintenance plan that fits your lifestyle and budget. Our goal is to make pool maintenance as hassle-free as possible, allowing you to enjoy your pool without the stress of upkeep.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Customer satisfaction is our top priority at D&R Pool Service. We go above and beyond to exceed our customers’ expectations with every pool maintenance service we provide. If you ever have any questions or concerns, our friendly and knowledgeable team is always here to help. With our commitment to excellence, you can trust us to keep your pool looking its best all year long.

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Ready to experience the benefits of professional pool maintenance service? Contact D&R Pool Service today to schedule your first appointment. With our expert team and personalized approach, you can enjoy a clean and healthy pool with minimal effort on your part. We look forward to serving you!

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Things to know

Weekly or 2x-Weekly Visits

In order to uphold our standard for crystal clear pools, it is required to get your pool serviced at least once a week. Anything longer can actually cost more in efficiency if the pool is not maintained properly. Having a party? We can do an additional service or attempt to move your service date the best we can.

Easy Billing

No required commitment to use us for service. In order to make this a simple experience for you, we provide a smooth and simple billing process; cancel anytime. We accept all credit cards, checks, cash, and maintain a PCI compliance environment for your security and a hassle-free experience.

Sanitation Systems

Salt chlorination and automatic chemical feeding systems are great, however they do not fully eliminate the need for other chemicals or filter media. Pools also require a range of chemicals that are needed to uphold water chemistry balance. Salt Chlorination Sanitizing Systems

Water & Electric

We will need outside water spigot access to clean any filters, or top off your pool if it loses water due to evaporation or leaks. Outdoor power outlet access is required if we need to power vacuum your pool or plug in any equipment.

Locked Access

For property ease of access - if you will not be home, please provide us with any access keys, codes, or instructions for your specified entrance areas. We will always leave your property in the condition we found it, and secure any entryways.

Water Chemistry

Water chemistry is the most important facet to a well maintained swimming pool. Protect equipment, water bacterial levels, and prevent algae growth. D&R focuses on taking special care of your investment - with perfect water chemistry.

Pool Maintenance Service Process

Steps we take for successful pool service
Sign Up
We inspect your swimming pool's area to determine it's environmental factors, and service costs. Upon sign up you will be given a fair cost, with no commitment - to maintain your swimming pool to our best standards.
Weekly or 2x-Weekly Visits
We will come on your specified assigned day(s) each week. We will never miss a day and will keep you updated. D&R works through the rain, but if we are unable to reach your swimming pool, we will do so at the earliest convenience.
The Cleaning
Your pool is vacuumed and netted to perfection - sucking out all of the debris on both the floor and surface of your swimming pool. We will empty your skimmer baskets and clean the mouths of the skimmers. Brush the walls to rid any slime and surface buildup along the water line. Rinse off any equipment and scrub the steps. If it's a detail, we won't miss it.
Pool Equipment
Visually inspect, backwash, and re-charge any filters that need DE. Sand and cartridge filters do not require a re charge; however we will clean them periodically for optimal performance. If we notice any leaks or equipment failure, the maintenance technician will contact the service department to fix it immediately.
Chemical Balancing
Thoroughly balance and maintain 7 parameters of pool chemicals to APSP and ANSI standards weekly. We are experienced in various size pools and can calculate the gallons and chemical requirements for all pools.

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Nothing's stronger than our pool & spa services, except our word - to provide consistent quality without exorbitant costs.

Customer Support

Excellent customer service and support. We make it convenient for you. If it is after hours we encourage you to try texting us for emergencies.

Family Owned Business

A passionate family owned business that cares about your pool or spa like it is our own. We build trust and provide consistent quality service, as our business depends on it.

Guaranteed Work

All of our work is backed by a guarantee to your satisfaction, provided it is within agreement. We pride on exquisite attention to each and every one of our clients.

Authorized Dealer

We provide comprehensive and seamless repairs and installations for all products we sell. We are also an authorized warranty center.

Years In Business
Years Experience
Trips and Counting

Licensed & Insured CPO

Having a Licensed and Insured Certified Pool Operator gives you certainty you can trust. We are also an authorized warranty center for most equipment and manufacturers.

Our staff is properly trained in accordance with APSP and ANSI standards. D&R Pool Services attends yearly educational seminars to stay up to date with the latest technologies and advancements in swimming pools and spas.

Family Owned and Operated

Many of our clients have been with us for over 30 years. We build trust and provide consistent quality service, as our business depends on it.

Our commitment to a great customer experience starts with D&R Pool Services. The team behind it all; our family businesses' continued success comes from building trust, hands-on commitment, and service with an aim to please. Many of our customers continue to recommend us year after year.

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