Pool Safety

Swimming Pool Safety And Spa Safety

Pool Safety is D&R Pool Services’ #1 priority. With children’s lives, unwanted trespassers, and wildlife lives at risk, consult us for the best practices in keeping your swimming area safe. Free yourself from the safety burden of owning a swimming pool or spa.

Pool Safety Fence

An unsecured pool or spa is a threat to a child’s life; and pool safety laws require safety equipment for your pool. D&R is proud to offer Life Saver Pool Fencing that has nearly indestructable, transparent mesh material.Read More »

Automatic Pool Covers

Enjoy greater savings on heating costs, a cleaner pool protected from the elements, less chemical usage, and assure unwanted trespassers will be safe. We offer automatic pool covers with remarkable quality and versatility.Read More »

Safety Mesh Winter Covers

There are safety mesh winter pool covers available for both in-ground pools and spas. Protect your pool or spa from weather elements and unwanted trespassers. Any custom shape or form is possible with these covers.Read More »

Gate Magna-Latch

Magna-Latches are universal self-closing magnetized gate locks that are virtually child proof. They can be locked with a key and they close swiftly. These are also integrated into safety pool fence gates for ease of access.

Pool Guard Pool Alarm

A Pool Alarm device sits pool side on your deck, with an armature that reaches into the water line of your pool or spa. Any splashes or entrances to the pool will provide a loud audible alarm to notify you of any unwanted swimmers.

Pool Guard Door Alarm

Secure any entryways out of the house with a PoolGuard Door Alarm. These devices work similarly to a house alarm system, providing an audible alert when someone passes through a door during unsupervised times.

Gate Alarm

Like a Door Alarm, secure any gate entryways to your swimming area. These devices work similarly to a house alarm system, providing an audible alert when someone passes through a gate during unsupervised times.

Safety Drain Covers

Safety main drain covers and suction covers are a necessity in today’s pools and spas. To prevent personal injury, drowning, and entrapment, D&R carries safety drain covers for your swimming pool and spa.

Customer Support

Excellent customer service and support. We make it convenient for you. If it is after hours we encourage you to try texting us for emergencies.

Family Owned Business

A passionate family owned business that cares about your pool or spa like it is our own. We build trust and provide consistent quality service, as our business depends on it.

Guaranteed Work

All of our work is backed by a guarantee to your satisfaction, provided it is within agreement. We pride on exquisite attention to each and every one of our clients.

Authorized Dealer

We provide comprehensive and seamless repairs and installations for all products we sell. We are also an authorized warranty center.

Licensed & Insured CPO

Having a Licensed and Insured Certified Pool Operator gives you certainty you can trust. We are also an authorized warranty center for most equipment and manufacturers.

Our staff is properly trained in accordance with APSP and ANSI standards. D&R Pool Services attends yearly educational seminars to stay up to date with the latest technologies and advancements in swimming pools and spas.

Family Owned and Operated

Many of our clients have been with us for over 30 years. We build trust and provide consistent quality service, as our business depends on it.

Our commitment to a great customer experience starts with D&R Pool Services. The men behind it all; Dave and Randy’s continued success comes from building trust, hands-on commitment, and service with an aim to please. Many of our customers continue to recommend us year after year.

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And we're passionate to be the driving force behind it

Hello all,

Never in our lives would we be thinking about writing this message.This is devastating; we hope you haven’t been directly affected. We’re all hysterical that we cannot interact with each other. Kids & grandchildren – it is such a terrible feeling; but we can only play our parts. As much as we hear it every day; it’s time for D&R to address any concerns regarding COVID – 19 Coronavirus concerns and how we are changing operations until further notice. We believe in the safety of all of our clients, staff, and family. We request you make any exceptions to how our service works for the safety of all parties. We will continue to do our best as always promised.

Below is information taken directly off of the CDC’s website:

Q: “Can the COVID-19 virus spread through pools and hot tubs?”
A: There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of pools and hot tubs. Proper operation, maintenance, and disinfection (e.g., with chlorine and bromine) of pools and hot tubs should remove or inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19. Chlorine easily kills this virus.

We all still need to be vigilant and follow the CDC guidelines pertaining to basic hygiene to prevent the spread of the virus. However, the use of your pool or spa will not increase your chances of contracting it.

Most of our clients have second homes here in the Hamptons. If you choose to seek refuge, to keep your family and loved ones in a safer space; we are offering to open your pools and spas earlier than anticipated, to give you a sense of normalcy and entertainment, while we wait this unfortunate situation out.

Our technicians are all practicing safe and effective hygiene, and always have sanitizers and cleaners for our equipment on hand, as well. We ask that you stay inside from our employees during visits; as we are insisting on safe distancing. Any questions can be called in immediately to our office and will be relayed to our employees immediately. This keeps us all safe for the time being and we appreciate your understanding of the current situation.

Laura is available as always at (516) 449-9107 for any digital communication via text, email, or voice; to address any concerns you have, or to offer any assistance. Thank you for your continued support during these concerning times.

Thank You,

D&R Pool Services, Inc.