Frequently Asked Questions

We never recommend marble dusting your own pool. Leave it to the pool professionals at D&R. It takes a team of experience professionals working quickly and diligently to ensure the surface is smooth and cures properly. We can help you choose from several styles, textures, and combinations to create that perfect look.
Variety of looks, variety of material choice, new swimming pool look, and no more rough surfaces.
We service the south fork of Long Island from Eastport to as far as Sagaponack. We do not provide weekly pool or spa maintenance in East Hampton, Bridge Hampton or Sagaponack. However, we do offer all of our other services and products in those areas.
Required pool chemicals degrade the swimming pool's surface over time. Environmental factors can also have a great impact on the pool surface's longevity.
Marble Dusting is the protective layer on a gunite pool covering the substrate, or the gunite/shotcrete underneath. It is a bond-coat treated material that lasts for years and must be done by a professional. There are pleasant designs and various textures that can fit your needs.
D&R Pool Services highly recommends resurfacing your swimming pool after 10 years or when you feel there needs to be a change. Especially if the surface is starting to crack or looks cosmetically unsettling. Injuries can occur from chipped and sharp edges; if there are safety hazards we recommend a pool resurfacing as soon as possible - to avoid serious cuts to swimmers.