Salt Generators:
Salt generators are a “chlorine-free” alternative to your swimming pool. They can save you hundreds of dollars on chemicals and provide you with tons of benefits. It uses common table salt and an electrolytic conversion system to generate chlorine. Your pool gets large doses of table salt that gets dumped in and mixed with your water in a simple one day process that can last for months. You will get the same sanitation performance as chlorine.

  • Salt Generator Benefits:

    -No need to constantly add/transport dangerous chemicals

    -Pays for itself in a year

    -Gentle on eyes and skin – no irritating chloramines

    -”Soft water” feel

    -Less maintenance


    We sell the top three pool salt generators: Pentair Intellichlors, Autopilots, and Hayward AquaRite systems. We can also service most other brands of salt generator systems.