D&R will perform pool liners for any pool, and we’ll do it right each time. We take careful consideration into each pool , pay attention to detail, and inspect the pool thoroughly.

30+ years of experience with upscale swimming pools; you can’t go wrong choosing us!



What’s the difference between a 20 and 27 mil liner?


The “mil” of a liner indicates the thickness of the vinyl. So, a 27 mil liner is thicker than a 20 mil liner. Beware of liners measured in gauge. Liner thickness is not measured in gauge so this is a way that some manufacturers make liners sound like they are thicker than they really are.


Will chemicals hurt my liner?

Not if used properly. Our standard vinyl was created to be exposed to typical chlorine and chemical use. We do strongly encourage you to keep your chlorine to recommended levels (usually 1-3ppm), and test your pool often to ensure your chemicals are balanced.

Will brushes or pool cleaners hurt my liner?

Brushes with metal bristles or a combination of metal and plastic bristles should not be used in vinyl lined pools.

How long should my liner last?

Every pool has a different set of factors which will effect the longevity of a vinyl liner. Things such as water chemistry and UV exposure as well as geography play a big part in this. With proper chemical levels and routine use and maintenance, most liners can last up to 10 years or longer.

Do you have plain liners?

Yep, we do! Blue, black, white, dark blue and dark gray.

Will I see seams in my liner?

The Merlin liners we use have a Silk Seam Process that create a flatter seam than most in the industry. The seams are easy on your feet and much less likely to catch debris. As for visibility, certain bottom materials will make seams less noticeable than others. Each liner is designed to have the least amount of seams possible as more seams means more labor to fabricate the liner. Merlin does not use scraps of material to try to piece a liner together, all of their liners are designed for proper fit and are cut from rolls of virgin vinyl material; never scraps.

What size and shape pools can you make a liner for?

We can make a liner for basically any shape or size pool! We’ve made some of the most unique vinyl liners in the world including liners featuring bar stools, tanning ledges, negative/vanishing edges, lap lines, etc. We’ve made liners for large commercial pools to simple rectangles to complicated free forms.

How can I fix a small rip or tear in my liner?

We can patch your liner if the holes are not too severe. Just contact us for a service call. Vinyl patch kits are available at most pool retail stores if you want to attempt it yourself.