Pool Heaters

Pool heaters often make or break a swimming experience for our customers. With colder average weather and short summers on Long Island, pools get cold quickly and can be uncomfortable to some. They make it convenient for parties so you don’t have to depend on the weather and a solar cover to keep your pool warm


How do I choose a pool heater?
Your heater should be chosen by it’s purpose and functionality; each pool is different and has a unique volume. We choose your pool heater based on it’s ability to heat your pool efficiently with the proper volume and surface area calculations. Then, we select a range of BTUs that we feel are appropriate for your pool size.

What brands are better?
We carry all types of brands from Raypak to Sta-rite and Hayward. Each of these brands have unique features such as safety shut-offs, various efficiency levels, and heat output. Since it is an outdoor item, things will deteriorate and will eventually need service or parts. We service all of the heaters that we sell and have parts suppliers on demand. We are also a Raypak authorized warranty center. Your answer? There is no better brand, you should pick based on needs and find heaters in your range of needs